What We Do

Merchant Programs

Here at Coastline we offer a variety of merchant service programs to meet your businesses needs and budget. During our initial consultation we will review your current program and provide a comparison analysis for one or more of the below programs. You will receive an accurate break down of how and what you currently pay for your processing along with an explanation of what it will look like with Coastline. Once you begin processing with us you will receive a complimentary statement review for your 1st, 3rd and 6th month of processing.


Let us show you the Coastline difference, give us a call today!

Interchange Optimization

If you are a business-to-business or business-to-government merchant, you automatically qualify for the Interchange Optimization program. Our program allows Corporate and Government issued credit cards to be processed at the lowest possible interchange rate with out having to spend unnecessary time entering Level II and Level III data. Save time and save money! Give us a call today to learn more about Interchange Optimization! 


Traditional processing has been around since the very first credit card transaction, it is when the merchant pays a small percentage for every credit card transaction they process. Here at Coastline Business Solutions we offer competitive rates along with top of the line LOCAL customer service. Let us show you the Coastline difference, give us a call today! 


Surcharging is becoming more and more popular with small businesses who want to accept credit cards for payment but do not want to cover the expense. As a convenience of accepting credit cards for their customers the merchant charges a small fee to cover the costs associated with credit card transactions. This is done automatically through our state-of-the-art terminals and/or payment gateways. Reach out to us to see if surcharging would be a good fit for your business.

Cash Discount

Similar to surcharging, Cash Discounting is also a program that allows the merchant to pass the cost of processing to the customer. In this program the merchant offers a discount incentive to those customers who pay with cash. Click the blue button below to learn more about cash discounting and if it is a good fit for your business!